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The Swing
The Swing can be divided into three distinct parts; Pre-Swing - Coil - Un-Coil

The Pre-Swing consists of the "Grip" and the "Stance"

The Pre-swing is extremely important. First off your grip is probably the most important aspect of the swing. It is, after all, how you connect to the bat. And since you will be attempting to swing the bat fairly hard, the dynamics of the hand and wrist, and how they biometrically connect and work with the bat are essential in that they dictate most of your swing.

The Coil Consists of the "Timing Mechanism", the "Stride", and the "Draw"

The Coil consists of everything after the Pre-Swing up to the point you are in the Launch Position. Components of the Coil include the Timing Mechanism, the Stride, and the Draw. The Coil is vital because your execution of the Coil dictates your Launch Position, and your Launch Position directly correlates to power.

The Un-Coil Consists of the "Throw", "Extension", "Push", and "Follow Through"
The Un-Coil is the part of the swing where you actually hit the ball. It consists of the Throw, Extension, Push, and Follow Through. Up to this point in the swing, everything has been geared toward building potential energy. The Un-Coil turns that potential energy into kinetic energy.

Stand tall with most of your weight on your back foot.
Good balance allows for power without overswinging.
This is where you unload on the ball.
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