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Who Am I ?
I am under 5' 9" and 190 lbs, and I can hit a ball over 400ft!
You are probably asking yourself who I am, and what makes me think that I am qualified to create a website about hitting or put out a hitting video. That is a question you should ask. Well, I have been playing competitive softball since 1991. I have played tournament softball at every level from “D Class” to “A Class”. I have played on many very good teams, and some bad ones. I have played with a lot of great players who taught me a lot about the game.
I stand just under five foot nine inches tall and weigh between one hundred eighty and one hundred eighty five pounds. Because of my lack of natural size, I realized early on that I had better have flawless mechanics if I was going to hit the ball hard. So in 1992 I started really learning and studying the softball swing. Over the last ten plus years, I have studied and come to understand not only the softball swing, but also the dynamics of the human body.
Not only do I study the swing, but I also test my findings on the softball field. I hit BP a minimum of twice a week. I like to hit every other day. I play leagues as little as twice a week, and have in the past played as much as six days a week. I have played tournament ball for over ten years, usually two to three tournaments a month, eight months a year.
Through my studies and field testing, I have gotten my mechanics to a point where I can hit a .44 COR softball over 400 feet (with a perfectly legal, off the shelf bat - Not a Miken ULTRA I or II). I am not putting that on here to brag, I only want to show that with the proper mechanics someone under 5’9” and less than 190lbs, can hit monster homeruns. With strong mechanics, you can also absolutely smoke the ball through the infield. Since most people play at a level where homeruns are limited in some form or fashion, you must be able to keep the ball in the park when you want to.
Over the last 10+ years, I have tried every different grip you can imagine. I have tweaked my swing in every way possible in order to hit the ball as hard as I can. I have tried literally thousands of different things. But most importantly, I have learned from each of the things that I have tried. My knowledge of human biometrics, coupled with a strong understanding of Physics, has really helped me learn and understand the softball swing.
The main reason that I have created this site is because I love the game. I want everyone who plays to love the game the way I do. There is nothing quite like getting up before dawn on a Saturday for a big tournament, or getting off of work and heading to a league game. It is the combination of the competition, camaraderie, athleticism, teamwork, and pride that makes this such a great game. I also want to give to, and help others in the same way that the people I have played with have helped me.
This shows that with proper mechanics, average size guys can hit MONSTER homeruns!
"Because of my lack of natural size, I realized early on that I had better have flawless mechanics if I was going to hit the ball hard."
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